Year End Procedures


Year End Procedures for Student Promotion

  • Year End Procedures designed to effectively arrange the final grading along with student promotions at the end of every school year.
  • The year-end strategies are the undertakings that you have to do toward the end of every academic school year.
  • Once the year completed, you have to create the last reviewing for every student in the school.
  • You need to choose if this student is qualified for promotion to upper grade or can stay within the current one. This depends on the passing criteria that are predetermined for every grade.
  • Keeping in mind the end goal to do that, MyiSchool year end system provides you all the required tools to enable you to deliver the final grading report.
  • The final report can show you the qualified students for promotion. It’ll additionally show the report of students who need to stay without promotion.
  • Once the promotion procedure is finished, the student will show the grading report via the student dashboard.

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Features of Year End Procedure

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      Following are the effective features of MyiSchool  year end procedure:

  • Define and configure academic year and define terms period.
  • Automate student grading based on courses grades, exam semester grades, all assignment categories as well as the attendance grades.
  • Batch promote student to next grade and assign them new class, generate report card.
  • Configure grading rules and generate final year report for analysis.
  • You can also check the student’s previous year’s report.

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