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A Surprising Tool To Help Your transport management system

  • Transport Management System is another module which is designed keeping in mindeffective maintenance of transport management in the school.
  • A type of module which certainly ensures the parents about the safety of their children.
  • Transport Management Module indirectly deals with various issues like optimum utilization of school transport, safety of children, long waiting hours and route preference by the drivers, etc.
  • The admin gets an idea about how to implement resultant transport management.
  • Also, it makes it really easy for admin in assigning transport vehicle to the students, assigning vehicle to particular route and assigning driver to a particular vehicle.

transport management system

How the Transport Management Works?

school bus transport management system

  • It let you define varied routes and route points on that particular route.
  • It is integrated with Google Maps, making it convenient to define different route points on a particular route.
  • It will allow the user to assign a vehicle for a route, along with the driver.
  • Once, the vehicle and driver is assigned to the routes, you can also assign students to a particular vehicle, according to their resident area.
  • Multiple vehicle’s and driver’s details could be effortlessly maintained under the module.
  • This module is proven beneficial for all the main three entities of the school:
  1. Transport Manager: Where, admin could customize certain functions of the module according to the school’s standards and working flow.
  2. Parents: Where, the parents could easily get an information about the vehicle in which their child is travelling, the pick-up and drop points and also, all the details of the driver. Such module effortlessly assures child’s safety.
  3. Students: Where, the students could know the details of the vehicle in which they will have to travel. This will avoid confusion regarding their transport vehicle.

Transport Management – A must preferred  Mobile Application

  • With this Mobile application, parents can get an idea about the pick-up and dropping time of their child on the defined route point.
  • It, thus, avoids long waiting hours, proven to be really convenient for parents.
  • This application will also notify the parents about the arrival/ expected time of the school transport at the route point.
  • With this feature of Transport Management Mobile Application, the parents are really relieved from the hassle of missing out the bus.


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