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Tracking Attendance with Student Attendance Management System

  • Online Student Attendance Management System is a Sub-module of MyiSchool software. In today’s technological era, no school/institution maintains the attendance of its students manually. MyiSchool offers online Student Attendance Management System to manage each and every students’ present and absent.
  • Everything is recorded on the system using a particular software or you can manually add only absent student’s details. Our MyiSchool software is a fine example of a complete package, as we provide modules which are used not only for maintaining students’ attendance but also helps to manage holidays and reports.
  • Using this Student Attendance Management module, the school management can easily record the regularity  of each student and thus, can evaluate and track student performance based on attendance.

Attendance Management System

Features – Student Attendance Management Software

attendance management

  • One single view calendar to check absent students name, you can also configure attendance calendar according to class.
  • You can also arrange students attendance manually according to date wise.
  • The student/parents can also check attendance of the month using their unique login id and password at this Student Attendance Management module.
  • SMS/Email alerts will be sent to parents/guardian when a student is absent.
  • Graphical charts and tabular reports will give analysis on attendance data.
  • The Student Attendance Management System is also recorded using the integrated smart card machine which makes an entry in the software as soon as the student punches in/ out.
  • A unique registration number is given to a student which is flashed on the smart card machine while punching in/ out.

Attendance Management system- Reliable Process of Recording Attendance

  • The integration of smart card machine with this module implies the time-saving yet reliable process for recording the Student Attendance.
  • The complete attendance details are pulled down automatically at this sub-module, which is more effective then marking attendance manually and then feeding down in the system.
  • Manually attendance consumes a lot of time and also, there are chances of error occurrence. The traditional method of maintaining attendance via muster is not reliable.
  • We provide the customized format of this Student Attendance Management sub-module, where the institution can add/delete links, according to their standards and expectations.

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