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The Ultimate Guide To School Management System

Multiple Dashboards is one of the most convenient features of MyiSchool-Online school management software. This Multiple Dashboards feature is a user-friendly one and could be most appropriately preferred by all the users as school management system. The school management software feature helps the user to get the knowledge of all the recent updates of the institution.

The multiple dashboards includes the following:

  • Students.
  • Teachers.
  • Parents.
  • Non-Teaching staff.
  • Other administrative staff.

school management software

Getting The Best School Management Software

school management software
Following are the features of School Management System:

  • MyiSchool’s dashboards is an iconic one.
  • User-friendly design and easy to operate.
  • Students and Parents login to their dashboards to get latest news of all the events of the institution.
  • Teachers login to get news about the updated time-table of different classes.
  • Non-teaching staff and other administrative staff is notified about other information like fees due to be paid by any student, etc.
  • These dashboards also displays the attendance details of each students on the students, parents and teacher’s dashboards.
  • Login Id and password is used to access the dashboard and get aware of the recent occurrences.
  • MyiSchool is designed with all the different modules, making it easy for the school/ college to manage everything on the system, safe and secured.
  • The recent notifications of all the modules are flashed over this online school management system.

More Features You Missed About School Management Software

Multi Dashboard Support

Multiple Dashboard is very effective and easily accessible.

No Hard IT Knowledge Required

It could be conveniently used by an individual having basic computer knowledge.

Usage & Sustainability

Usage of this school management software will be proved accurate for everyone, be it, Parents, Teachers, Students and other Non-teaching staff.

User Friendly & Access

They can locate all the updates at just one place viz. their Multiple dashboard.

Cost Effective

This school management software is cost effective as well as reliable and time-saving.

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