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“MyNursery – Preschool Nursery Management System”

Nursery PreSchools, these days, demands perfection in their management system since they are also established at a large scale having branches at different location. MyNursery is one such software which is designed for today’s modernly developed Preschools Nursery. It is a type of Online Nursery Management System, where, all the administrative issues of the nursery Preschool could be taken care of very well. MyNursery provides Online Preschools Nursery Management System that work as Nursery Management Software for Preschools,where all nursery school administration issues can be manage.

pre-school nursery management system

MyNursery involves the following features:

Student Registration

It allows the user to register the confirmed students for the record of the database.All Details of the Students can be filled here.

Class Planner

Class schedule is planned using these module.Admin can create class timetable, using estimated enrolment numbers.

Fees Management

Manages the paid and unpaid fees of the students. Also, takes care of other income and expenses of the institution.

Transport Management

It administers the transportation facility of the school, ensuring safety of students. It also guides the driver about the ways and directions to be followed.

Employee and Payroll Management

MyNursery also provided the HR related module, where, all the HR activities are considered like salary, attendance of employees, etc..

Attendance and Leave Management

Attendance of students as well as employees of the institution is recorded. Accordingly, absenteeism of students and leave of staff is determined.

“Some Other Features About MyNursery – Preschool Nursery Management Software”


Enquiry (CRM): This module records all the enquiries raised and resolves the queries of the customers and visitors, if any.

Inventory and Asset Management: It takes care of all the assets that the institution owns. All the details of a particular asset is considered and maintained.

Assessment: Assessment of each student is done using this module, considering their performance in the class.

Front Desk Management and Visitors Tracking: Details of visitors visiting the premises and other receptionist tasks are managed with the help of this module.

MyNursery has been proved an effective software because every other organization now prefers to work in the modernized manner since it reduces time consuming manual efforts.

Why To Choose MyNursery – Nursery Management System ?

I-Card Generator
It imprints basic details of the concerned individual and generates an I-card for the same as an identity to move in the premises.

Multi-Branch Access
It allows to access the details of all the branches that the school might have.

SMS Module
It sends SMS to the concerned person or in bulk, depending on the part of the information to be delivered.

Address Book
It maintains all the contact details of all the concerned people of the institution.

Assessment of each student is done using this module, considering their performance in the class.


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