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MyiLesson Planner

Mobile has now become a mini-computer which every individual carries in the pocket. Our Online School Management Software – MyiSchool offers varied modules for better administration of the educational institution. Lesson Planner Module is really effective for maintaining the accuracy while preparing the time-table/ schedule of a week or a month of a particular subject. Planning is important in every task that an individual does and with the module like this, the study time-table could be implemented very effectively. This module of Lesson Planner also comes with an amenity of mobile application too, designed only for the teachers and students and not the rest staff of the institution.

Lesson Planner Mobile App:

  • Using this mobile application, the user can login to the page of My Lesson Planner.
  • For teachers: After login, the teacher can view the detail about the class schedule as to which chapter is to be taught to the students and at what time.
  • This could also allow the teachers to view the assignments given to the students in the last class and check it accordingly.
  • For Students: After login, the students can view the daily/ weekly/ monthly time-table, where, they can know about the chapters they will be taught in the next class.
  • Also, the assignments and home-work given to the students could also been reviewed from this mobile application.
  • In short, the study calendar could be easily viewed at any time from any location by the teachers and the students for a systematic study of the entire syllabus.

Lesson Planner


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Make Communication Better – MyiLesson Planner

Hence, this mobile application could present the agenda of all the classes already conducted and also, to be conducted in the coming days. This also allows the students to know as to when the entire syllabus will be completed. The test-schedule could also be viewed by the teachers and the students which is one of the effectiveness of this application. This type of informative mobile application would avoid the lack of communication between the teachers and the students since all the information is disclosed just after the login is done.