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Employee/Staff Self Service

With MyiSchool Mobile Application, the staff members can know the latest news and updates of the institution via an employee dashboard. They could get all the required information about meetings, etc from their mobile device.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management Feature enables the staff members to track their regularity at work place.They can easily conclude their monthly salary checking their attendance of the month through a mobile device.

Leave Management

MyiSchool Mobile Application is very much effective since it allows the staff members to check on their monthly leaves taken and balance leave available with them. This App is designed keeping in mind the convenience of the staff.


To check on an instant update regarding any meetings or other events of the school, Myischool mobile application is the apt option to prefer. It keeps the staff members updated about everything in the institution.


Excellent Features of Mobile Application


MyiSchool Mobile Application is more like an Employee/ Staff Self-Service application which allows to employees to keep a record of their daily attendance, leave management and latest updates related to school.

Using this Class Attendance feature, the teachers can mark the class attendance of their students without any hassle.This feature makes it really convenient for the teacher to keep a check on their class attendance with great efficiency. Another excellent feature offered by this application is:

 My Class Attendance

    Staff Information

 Holiday Details

 Leave Management

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