Lesson Planning System


Lesson Planning System – Planning Tool For Teachers

Lesson Planning System is an advanced module, designed for effective planning of classes to be conducted. This module will be of great help for teachers and faculties in scheduling the time-table for the particular class and working accordingly, until the course ends. Apart from scheduling the class, the required content and information of the chapter is feed down in the software, so that students are taught everything on the system. This Lesson Planning  System is designed in such a manner that discloses all the information of a particular lecture including the name of the faculty, duration of the class taken and topic covered.

This Lesson Planning System basically serves the following two purposes:

  • Determining effective time-table of a particular class.
  • Ensures if the class was conducted as planned.


Lesson Planning Software – Make Easy For Teachers To Teach


Following are the features of our Lesson Planning Software:

  • Monthly planning of a subject and its chapters to be taught to students.
  • Ensures if the class was conducted as planned.
  • Determining duration as to how much does each chapter require to be completed in class.
  • Discloses as to which topics were remained uncovered in the last lecture.
  • The teacher can easily recollect the home-work and assignments given to students on a particular topic.
  • The entire text-book or other study material is uploaded on this module, making it easy for teachers to teach.
  • Also shows the time-table of any tests after completion of a particular chapter.
  • Assessment report is also displayed after the test is conducted.

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Managing Task with Lesson Planning System

Accurate Model
Lesson Planning is thus, an accurate module where all the tasks are conducted using the software.

Reduce Workload
It reduces the workload of manual tasks from the faculties and allows them to maintain their efficiency in the class, while teaching.

Complete Overview
Lesson Planning software gives the complete view about the completion of topics and the topics remaining to be taught in the class.

Cost Effective
It is time-saving and cost-effective.