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A Single ERP Solution For Inventory Management

  • Total Control of User Access

  • Easily Import and Export Data

  • Easily Search and Filter Data

  • Cost Tracking

  • Data Management

  • Custom Views

  • Transactions in Real Time

The Ultimate Solution For Inventory Management System

Inventory Management system is an another useful module which will maintain the record of all the assets of the organization. Also, it will maintain the details of its suppliers, purchase order and customers. Earlier, traditional method was followed to maintain any record viz. manual maintenance in a muster or a register, which could be easily manipulated. The Inventory Solution software Module being an online management system will allow the users to maintain all the record on the system, avoiding any manipulations in the data.

Inventory Management Module would save the history record as well, which will enable the management to keep a watch on any actions conducted by the official while operating the software.


Myischool – Inventory Solution Software


Following are the features of Inventory Management Module:

  • Inventory Management system includes maintaining the record of all the assets and properties that belongs to an organization.
  • It will maintain all the details of the purchase order raised by the organization including date, time, particulars and the name of an individual who raised it.
  • The details of all the suppliers will be saved in the record.
  • An institution/ organization will always have storage of materials/ assets for future use. The list of that inventory is maintained via this Inventory Solution software Module.
  • The items issued for use from the storage/ inventory will also be noted.

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Inventory Management – Integrated with Myischool

Inventory Management Module is integrated with this online management software – MyiSchool. Though, we provide its individual service too, if demanded by our clients. This module is proved reliable and accurate when it comes to effectively maintaining the details of each asset or a property that an organization owns. It is very much efficient, time-saving as well as cost-effective. Customization as per client’s requirements could also be done with this module.