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fees management system

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An Online Fees Management System – Complete fees Management Software

Online Fees Management is the most important module that will help an institution to maintain a financial record of an institution. It will take care of the amount of fees paid by students for the respective course opted  by them. Fees Management is a kind of module specially designed to give a precise idea to parents regarding the fee structure of the institution.

We have the following features in this module of Fee Management:

  1. Fee Header, where all the headers are mentioned.
  2. Fee template that displays the course/ standard/ batch of the student.
  3. Fees paid/ unpaid/ partly paid and
  4. Notification, if required to remind the parents and students about their due fee amount to be paid.

This is a template based fee management module classified into different heads.  The heads being “Admission Fee (yearly), Library Fee (quarterly) which also includes the fine amount to be paid by students, if any, Tution Fee (monthly), etc depending on varied courses. There are different templates designed for different courses/ standards.

Fees Management System

MyiSchool – Online Fees Collection Management Software For Educational Institutes

fees management system


  • Any payment related notification will appear on the dashboard of the particular parents and students.
  • This amenity of mutiple dashboard makes it easy for an admin to determine the unpaid fees.
  • This dashboard will also present the receipt in return to the amount of fees paid by parents.
  • With this feature, the parents as well as the school management are also updated about the financial part.
  • Also, Fees Management Module offers automation in updating the fee structure of particular students in case of promotion of a student to another standard.
  • All these record will be maintained under the Student Information Module as well where, the entire history record of each student is maintained.
  • Also, it makes it easy for the management to determine the amount of income earned from the students.

Fees Management Software – Cover Entire Finance Sector of Organization

  • Maintaining finance sector in an institution is a challenging task for an official to perform, since it involves an accountability to parents as well as school authorities about the money invested and earned by them.
  • This module takes care of the entire finance of the institution and manages it effectively, allowing the staff to concentrate on the other important tasks.
  • There is barely any chance of misrepresentation/ fraud because everything is recorded online and is under constant observation of the school/ college authorities.
  • This module is very much in demand in today’s modernly built education institution, where, every minute detail is recorded online using a software.
  • It lessens the workload from the school/ college official, allowing him/ her to focus on other school management areas. Also, this software is time-saving, reliable and cost-effective.
  • It only requires one-time investment by the institution that could be used for the long-term. We provide the module in the customized format, allowing the institution to add/ delete options, as per their institutional standards.

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