Examination Management System


The Advanced Guide To Examination Management System

  • Examination Result is the most-in-demand module by schools and colleges. Myischool School Management Systemis likewise a superb Examination Management System that could be viably used to make examination plans.
  • Understudies and instructors have profile-based access to the calendar. In view of the evaluation in which a gathering of understudies are and the subjects they concentrate on, examination-related timetable is created through this school exam administration framework.
  • This exam administration entryway likewise considers those reasonable exams that must be lined at the end of the examination plan.
  • This Examination Management System additionally gives the alternative to characterize whether the exam results will be demonstrated as imprints or evaluations.

Examination Management System 

Learn More About Examination Management Software

Examination Management Software

The Examination Management System features that MyiSchool serves:

  • Captures students’ assessment progress considering their performance throughout.
  • All the calculations of marks and percentage is done automatically by the software. It only requires the database which is also imported from the excel sheet.
  • The progress reports and results are presented on students’ and parents’ dashboard.
  • Mass printing of results can be done, if required.

Benefits of Examination Module in Educational Institutes

Examination Management Module is of great benefit to the institutions:

  • Time-saving and reliable.
  • All the report cards could be located at one place.
  • Maintains history of the entire year of the student.
  • Parents are directly presented with the progress reports. Communication is virtual yet worthy.
  • Parents, students and teachers can easily ascertain as to where the student lacks.

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