Employee Information Management System


Employee Information Management System – Maintain Records at One Place

  • In the large enterprises, it becomes difficult to maintain all the information record of all employees.
  • In an education institution like schools/ colleges, where the staff members might have different shifts, for instance, morning shift or afternoon shift. In such cases, it is difficult to keep an information record of the staff members, manually.
  • Employee Information Management system is the sub-module of Employee Administration. With the help of Employee Information Management module, the school can maintain the entire database for the record, just after the registration of an employee is done.
  • This Employee Information includes the department and designation assigned to the employees, their date of joining, their personal details, their qualifications, their experience details, their salary details and other details, as required by the school/ college.

employee information management

 Features – Employee Information Management Software

Employee Admin

  • All the documents submitted by the employees are scanned and feed down under this software for the record.
  • Proper verification of those documents is done and accordingly, remarks are also mentioned. 
  • Employee Information Management Software module also notifies the Employee Admin if any of the documents are not submitted by the employees.
  • The same is notified on the employee dashboard as well as a reminder.
  • The detailed record of all the employees, including the ex-employees and the current employees is maintained under this module.
  • The employee database which is maintained using this module can be easily modified, whenever the need arises.
  • We provide all the flexible modules where an institution can add or delete any option, as suitable.

 Employee Information Management System – Provide Centralized Information

  • Just like Student Information Management System, it is also important to maintain the Employee Information Management System, since employees are considered the assets of the institution.
  • This type of module provides the centralized existence of the employee’s information, making it easy for the officials to access it efficiently.
  • Previously, it was quite difficult to maintain flat files for each employee of the company.
  • There may be chances of the file being lost/ misplaced, leading to loss of data.
  • This online system of maintaining data is reliable because all the minute information is also recorded and saved in the memory of the system.
  • This type of Employee Information System is proven efficient, time-saving and also cost-effective, satisfying the authorities about the confidentiality and security of the data/ information.

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